70 Quick and Easy Research Paper Topics

Find our quick and easy list of research paper topics for your research paper below. These paper titles are great for high school, college, or university students. If you need help with a research paper topic, let us talk and assign you a perfect writer.

Why a good research paper topic matters

The skill of finding the best research paper topic is necessary for college and university students. Not all research paper topics you are interested in maybe easy to write about. The best research paper topic is one that suits factors such as level of education, funding, and other factors.

Resources are the most important determinants of how successful your research will be. The easier you can locate books, journals, and even participants, the higher chances you have of succeeding.

The initial step is to identify a broad research topic and narrow it down. If it is a controversial subject, choose a particular perspective you will take.

Unsure about how to select a research topic? Don’t worry because we have compiled a list of 10 ideas that can help you start.

Business Research Topics

Global powers today revolve around business. Business is an ever-changing practice. No wonder business is a widely researched area with numerous opportunities of coming up with new research topics to investigate.

  1. Cybersecurity is the main threat to globalization.
  2. E-business will not eliminate traditional businesses.
  3. Ethics in business is impossible to achieve.
  4. Online retail leads to massive unemployment.

Crime and Law Research Paper Topics

Crime is a concern for nearly all countries. However, the rates of crime vary from one country to another, and this is due to the different crime policies and law enforcement units.

Some countries have low rates of crime. Other countries report an excessively high number of law-breakers. Here are some of the crime and law research paper topics you can investigate.

  1. Rape should be punishable by death
  2. Animals have a right to seek justice for abuse or death through slaughter.
  3. Physician-assisted suicide should be illegalized.
  4. Capital punishment is inhumane and needs to be eradicated globally.
  5. Countries should reduce the drinking age to 16 years.
  6. Gun control will not prevent rampant violence in the United States.
  7. Police brutality has no racial origins.
  8. Private prisons drive up incarcerations.
  9. Sexual harassment affects men and women equally.

Research Paper Topics on Drugs and Substance Abuse

The controversy surrounding the legalization of Marijuana has created a big opportunity to research drugs and substance abuse.

Drug lords cause gang violence that leads to deaths. The business of illegal drug trafficking affects millions of families whose members are addicts. Some four research paper topics that you can investigate include:

  1. Alcohol abuse is the number one driver of cancer deaths.
  2. Legalization of marijuana lowers its abuse.
  3. Doping in sports should be legalized.
  4. The solution to drug addiction lies in how parents raise their kids and not law enforcement.

Research paper topics on Education

It is commonly said that education is the key to success. If that has any sense of truth in it, then researchers need to investigate the best strategies to provide quality education to all.

Examples of relevant education research paper topics could include the following:

  1. It is better to teach in public schools than charter schools.
  2. College athletes should be paid like professional athletes.
  3. Quality of distance learning differs is similar to n campus learning.
  4. Governments are obliged to provide more funding for public schools.
  5. milarHome schooling.
  6. Pedagogy for learners with disabilities.
  7. No child left behind.
  8. Standardized testing
  9. Sex education

Environmental Research Paper Topics

With global warming and the numerous severe impacts of climate change, researchers can investigate these research paper topics.

  1. Renewable energy
  2. Deforestation
  3. Marine pollution
  4. Fossil fuels
  5. The controversy of nuclear energy
  6. Pesticide control in agriculture
  7. Recycling

Research Paper Topics on Health and Nursing

Healthcare systems are constantly seeking evidence-based practices to improve quality of care and reduce mortality. Health professionals can research the following topics:

  1. Legalization of abortion
  2. Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Artificial insemination in humans
  4. Autism
  5. Alternative medicine
  6. Cancer
  7. Birth control
  8. Physician-assisted suicide
  9. Medicaid and Medicate
  10. Fast food and obesity
  11. Bariatric surgery

Research paper topics on Media and Communication

Media outlets influence social and political events in a country. Some relevant research paper topics on the subject include:

  1. Body shaming
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. Copyright infringement
  4. False advertising
  5. Stereotypes
  6. Television and violent behavior

Psychology Research Paper Topics

The field of psychology is broad. There are many research paper topic options for students.

  1. Physical attraction
  2. Childhood development and autism
  3. Influence of bad dreams on mood
  4. Stress and physical health
  5. Depression

Research paper topics on current events

This is most likely the best option for students who intend to understand modern-day trends and human behaviors.

  1. Impacts of one-child policy in China
  2. The new wave of feminism
  3. Trump presidency and American democracy
  4. The strained relationship between America and North Korea
  5. S. immigration laws
  6. Black Live Matter Movement
  7. Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  8. Brexit (The UK exit from the European Union
  9. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

History research paper topics

The world has a history worth studying. Archeologists and historians are always looking for clues to explain human civilizations. One can research the following topics.

  1. The Second World War and its impact on women rights
  2. Liberalism
  3. Asian art and how it influenced modern art
  4. Roman and Greek cultures
  5. Colonization of Africa and slave trade

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