Global Issues Research Paper Topics to Write About

Global issues research paper topics to write about

Academeter is the best place to find essay and research paper topics on world issues. In this article, we list some of the most popular global issues topics that you can write about. To find solution to some of the most pressing global issues, research papers are needed to offer recommendations. Research can help to identify response strategies to address those issues.

There are 10 world issues to write about based on the topics we have listed below.

According to the UN, there are many global issues the world is currently facing. Some of the main global issues include:

Global issue topic 1: Ageing

An inevitable part of humanity is ageing (people above 60 years). There are several topics that emerge from this global issue. Here are the top 5 age-related world issues one can write about:

  1. How to reduce chronic illnesses among elderly populations.
  2. The economic contribution of older adults in modern economy.
  3. How to keep elderly individuals productive after retirement.
  4. Is an ageing workforce detrimental to American civilization?
  5. Can immigration solve the problem of ageing population in the Western world?

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Global issue topic 2: Famine

As the world’s population grows, especially in the developing world, pressure on existing food production channels increase. This means we could struggle feeding the world population if more people are born in the next few decades. Here are a few topics related to the world issue of famine and food:

  1. How water contamination impacts our ability to grow sufficient food.
  2. Strategies to reduce the cost of food production.
  3. A 10-year projection of how world population could affect demand for food.
  4. Possible solutions to the persistent world hunger.
  5. Malnourished children and effects on their success in future.
  6. The link between meat consumption and global famine in Africa.
  7. What is the role of technology in reducing world hunger?

Global issue topic 3: Child Labor

UNICEF estimates that there are about 150 million children still experiencing child labor as at 2021. There has been increased attention on child labor following the growing popularity of social media. However, the issue continues to persist despite efforts to address it. This is because many children in developing countries lack education. Also, luxury goods companies have not established strategies to eliminate child labor.

Here are the few essay and research paper topics on child labor to write about:

  1. What role does luxury goods industry play in child labor?
  2. The significance of quality education on reducing child labor.
  3. Best penalties from companies that facilitate exploitation of children.
  4. How globalization contributes to child labor.
  5. Analysis of textile factories in Asia using child labor.

Global issue topic 4: Terrorism

The next world issues to write about is terrorism. Global studies have identified the topic of terrorism as a controversial one that requires a lot of caution when investigating. There are a lot of conspiracies surrounding the topic and researchers need to assess their topic selections very carefully.

Here are the 5 exciting research paper topics of terrorism as a world issue:

  1. The success and failures of the war on terror.
  2. What counter-terrorism measures have been most effective in the Middle East?
  3. Evaluating the origins of extremist ideological underpinnings.
  4. Is al-Qaeda and its affiliate in the decline?
  5. How effective has the United States’ anti-terrorism approach been effective?