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48 Research Topics on Civil Rights Movement

Researching the civil rights movement is a fun process if you identify a perfect topic and if you have a strong foundational knowledge about the subject.

We will provide some of the best and most exciting topics you can borrow.

The civil rights movement in the United States, which was officially started in 1964 under the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson, has resulted in enormous progress for African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and women. But nevertheless, much remains to be done, and real equality for all Americans remains a pipe dream for many. 

This article will list some great topics for research on the civil rights movement.

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Civil Rights Movements in the 1950s

By early 1954, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling that prohibited segregation in public educational institutions. As a result, the civil rights movement in the United States was born.

The Black Nationalist Movement took up the mantle left by the Civil Rights Movement and carried it forward. When compared to the Civil Rights Movement, which sought to reform the aspects of American society that contributed to social injustice, the Black Nationalist Movement sought to address the specific problems faced by African-Americans who were forced to live in slum conditions in major urban areas throughout the country.

The Black Panthers picked up where the Civil Rights Movement, the SCLC, and the SNCC left off by raising awareness of the situation of African-Americans living in ghettos, as well as the levels of injustice that still persisted at the time of their founding. Malcolm X was the most well-known leader of this movement, but several others were also influential. For example, in contrast to the Civil Rights Movement, where most of the violence was started by whites, the Black Nationalist Movement was characterized by armed blacks eager to achieve justice by any means necessary.

Civil Rights Research Paper Topics

  1. How did Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. influence the Civil Rights Movement?
  2. What were the most effective strategies employed by leaders of the Civil Rights Movement?
  3. How the murder of Emmett Till marked a new Beginning in civil rights movement.
  4. The significance of Freedom Struggle at the Library of Congress.
  5. How did the Youth Influence Civil Rights Movement?
  6. What was the place of women in the Civil Rights Movement?
  7. Was it more effective for civil rights groups to protest violently or nonviolently during the Civil Rights Movement?
  8. What impact did violence have on the Civil Rights Movement?
  9. The significance of integration to the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement?
  10. Understanding the leadership styles used by Civil Rights leaders.
  11. Were civil rights movements led by big name leaders or common people?
  12. Exploring the Civil Rights Movement’s greatest achievements and failures?
  13. How influential was Rosa Parks’s role in the Civil Rights Movement?
  14. What led to White people discriminating against African Americans?
  15. Significance of theatre during the Civil Rights Movement period.
  16. How can the 1950s be regarded as a major accomplishment for the civil rights movement?
  17. The Progressive Reform Stages in the Civil Rights Movement
  18. America’s Civil Rights Movement’s Unforeseen and Paradoxical Outcome
  19. The Civil Rights Movement and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
  20. Why did the Civil Rights Movement emphasize the struggle for Aid?
  21. Exploring the Long-Term Consequences of the Civil Rights Movement
  22. Assessing Violent and Nonviolent Protest Techniques Adopted by African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement
  23. The America’s Supreme Court and its Role in the Civil Rights Movement
  24. The America’s Supreme Court and its Role in the Civil Rights Movement Did civil rights Movements Lead to Substantial Economic Empowerment of Black Populations
  25. The Role of Women in the early stages of the Civil Rights Movement
  26. The Civil Rights Movement in the United States and Its Influence on African American Communities Today.
  27. The Southern Jewish-Black Relationship and the Civil Rights Movement
  28. The Role of Students in the Civil Rights Movement
  29. An Examination of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and the Role of Martin Luther King Jr.
  30. Comparing political freedoms of African Americans before and After Civil Rights Movement.
  31. White Opposition to the Civil Rights Movement.
  32. The Civil Rights Movement and the Influence of Rock ‘n’ Roll
  33. African Americans and Religion and How Spirituality influenced the Civil Rights Groups.
  34. Discussing the Historical Accuracy of Ava DuVernay’s Portrayal of the Civil Rights Movement in Selma, a Drama Film.
  35. The Drug War and the Civil Rights Movement
  36. What role did the African-American Middle Class play in the Civil rights era?
  37. Experience with the police during the Civil Rights Movement.
  38. What achievements did peaceful protests make during the Civil Rights Movement’s Peaceful Protest Achievements?
  39. An examination of the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.
  40. Exploring the history of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
  41. The Civil Rights Movement and the Connection Between Activism and the Federal Government
  42. To what extent did grass-roots activism play a role in the growth of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s?
  43. The Importance of Researching the Civil Rights Movement.
  44. A History of the Civil Rights and Feminist Movements in the United States.
  45. The Niagara Movement’s Origins and Impact on the American Civil Rights Movement.
  46. The Grassroots Organizers’ Role and Importance in the Civil Rights Movement
  47. The Impact of Society on the World of Doubt and the Civil Rights Movement
  48. How the Civil Rights Movement shaped Public Policy today.
  49. Comparing America’s North and South in the Civil Rights Movement
  50. Democracy in the United States and the contributions of the Civil Rights Movement

How to Write a Civil Rights Movement Research Paper/Essay

The following 8 steps to follow to when writing your research paper or essay about the Civil Rights Movement.

It is necessary for students to complete a civil rights movement essay because it allows them to reflect on historical events that have shaped present American culture. Learn some important recommendations that will assist you in earning an A on your paper about the civil rights struggle by reading this article.

Step 1: Guidelines from Your Professor for Relevance

First and foremost, thoroughly read the directions. Examine all of the materials provided by your tutor, including the grading rubric, sample papers, and essay questions about the civil rights struggle in America. Knowing exactly what is required of you makes it much easier to proceed with the task and earn a high grade on it in the long run.

Step 2: Explore Examples from Previous Research

Look through examples of previous publications on the subject. If you are unsure of what to write about in specific, you might look at the essays written by other students to get some inspiration. While reviewing civil rights movement essay samples, make notes on the content, the sources utilized, and any other pertinent issues that come to mind. This may provide you with some suggestions for what to include in your report and how to improve it to ensure that it meets the requirements of the assignment.

Step 3: Gather High-Quality Sources

Gather high-quality material to use as a basis for your essay. Scholarly publications and books are the most reliable sources. However, there are several reputable websites and news stories that provide unbiased information on the civil rights movements and other social movements. In addition, if the rules do not prohibit you from including a wide range of resources, you might include a large number of them, which would make your essay more detailed.

Step 4: Do not Ignore Background Information

Provide some background information on the civil rights movement. The twentieth century was important in the history of the United States because it saw a number of significant political and social events, notably World War II and the ensuing Cold War. Some incidents may have no relevance to the history of the civil rights movement, but their inclusion in the narrative will help readers better grasp the historical environment in which the movement occurred.

Step 5: Expand the Scope of Your Paper

Take a look at the larger history of discrimination in American culture as a whole. The most common civil rights movement essay themes center on discrimination as their central theme. The black community benefited from the movement since it helped to reduce discrimination and improve their social standing among other things. Women, Native Americans, and members of the LGBT community were among the many groups who endured prejudice throughout American history, as were other minorities and women. Are there any parallels between the ways in which these two groups campaigned for equal rights?

Step 6: Include Historical Context of Civil Rights Groups

Consider the historical context of the civil rights movement. With nearly 400 years of history of racial discrimination and oppression in America, there is a great deal of background to the civil rights struggle today. It is possible to discuss slavery and segregation regulations in this section, as well as how African-American communities responded to the conflict. For example, you may think about the Harlem Renaissance and its influence on Black identity, or you could think about other examples or cultural movements that have their roots in the African-American community.

Step: 7: Add Personal Reflection at the End

Tip number seven is to include a personal reflection if it is appropriate. In your essay, you might discuss what the civil rights movement means to you personally as well as how it has influenced the lives of your family. Additionally, you might look into racial prejudice in contemporary society to demonstrate that some concerns have yet to be resolved.

Step 8: Let a Logical Framework Guide Your Paper

Make sure your essay has a logical framework. Make certain that each paragraph fulfills its intended function. The opening to a civil rights movement essay should identify the movement and state your major argument in plain language. It should be followed by numerous main body paragraphs, each of which should explore a different idea that is related to the core argument. As a final point, address all of the points you’ve raised and illustrate how they relate to your thesis statement.

You will be able to produce an amazing paper on the civil rights struggle if you follow these few suggestions. Check out the rest of our website for more essay titles, themes, and writing tips!