Can a Conclusion be One Sentence in Academic Writing?

When it is time to write the conclusion, you may be tempted to just throw in one sentence and submit your paper.

You have spent numerous hours writing your essay or research paper, and it is time to finalize it and all you need is something catchy, clever, and brief to end it. It is the conclusion. But at this time, you are exhausted, extremely.

That doesn’t change the fact that a conclusion is critical.

A conclusion is important because it provides closure for the reader and signals the end of the writing.

Since essays or research papers are not endless, the significance of a conclusion is to summarize the main ideas and remind the reader about the significance of your writing.

After reading this article, you will learn about whether you can write a very short conclusion, like in one sentence to sum up the paper and still satisfy the reader’s judgment.

Can a Conclusion be One Sentence?

A good conclusion cannot be one sentence because it will not capture all the critical parts of the entire paper in that single sentence. It needs to be at least 3 sentences long. One sentence can only address one issue such as restating the thesis but that is not all. A great conclusion should represent almost everything that is the entire essay or research paper. 

Why Can’t Conclusions be One Sentence?

Conclusions cannot be one sentence long because of four reasons:

  1. A scholarly paper requires that your conclusion should have at least three parts.
  2. You’re writing a long paper with over 3,000 words.
  3. Unless you’re writing a newspaper article, an essay conclusion needs to convince the reader about an idea by finalizing an argument rather than reporting it.
  4. If it is too short, it will probably be ignored because it does not capture all important arguments the writer makes.

The least number of sentences that should be in a conclusion is three. The three parts of a conclusion include the following:

  • Answer – where you revisit the thesis.
  • Summary – where you highlight the main points discussed in body paragraphs.
  • Significance – to outline the relevance and implication of your research paper or essay.

Although these three important parts are necessary for an essay conclusion, they should not comprise any new information that you did not cover in the body of your paper.

However, you can include personal opinions or reflections at the very end, but make sure to state that they are your personal opinions.

Can a Conclusion be Two Sentences?

Conclusions cannot be two sentences because that would be too short to highlight all the important areas in a paper. Unless specified by your instructors, avoid writing too short conclusions. Two sentences won’t be good enough to cover the three major parts of a conclusion.

How long should a conclusion be?

The perfect length of an essay conclusion should consist of three sentences minimum. Since the average length of sentences is from 15 to 20 words, your three-sentence conclusion should be 45-60 words long. This means that you should include your main argument, supporting ideas, and the significance of the claims in those few sentences. 

can a conclusion be one sentence

If you’re writing quite a long paper over 3,000 words, it may be okay to use 2-3 paragraphs as your conclusion.

Long papers contain more ideas that may be difficult to compress into just a few sentences. 

A typical conclusion does two things: summarizing the main ideas in a paper and stating your opinions if your instructor allows it.

Due to the challenge students face when writing conclusions, professional help is often recommended.

However, expert tips are also valuable for those who want to acquire the skill of writing the final sections of their papers in the future.

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What Should You Do If Hate Writing the Conclusion?

There are a few solutions you can consider.

  • Talk to one of your classmates who enjoys reading essays or research papers and offer yours to them. Ask them to read it and craft a conclusion for you. This is a good idea because the friend or classmate will help you catch any errors in your writing and create a conclusion that your tutor would expect. The catch is that not so many people are willing to help that much, especially if you have a lengthy paper.
  • Pay someone to do it so that you don’t have to go through all the trouble. Writing an essay can be so stressful and draining that by the end of it all, you don’t have the drive to finalize the paper. Spending a few dollars to hire a professional paper writing company or an acquaintance to do the job may not be a bad idea. After all, you have done all the hard work.

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