Who Can Format My Essay in APA Style?

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APA format is commonly used by students, researchers, and professionals the social and behavioral science fields. These comprise of a large list of areas such as business, education, and psychology. It is important to check the APA citation guidelines for individual institution or journal because there could be slight variations.

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However, there are standard guidelines that differentiate APA from other citation styles.  We have compiled a list of some of the critical components that you need to include.

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How to Format a Paper in APA Style

Page Numbering in APA Format

Numbering pages in APA referencing begin at the first leaf. Numbers are placed at the far right side of the header.

The header consists of THE TITLE OF THE PAPER WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS, as shown below. The title should not be longer than 50 characters.

The title is preceded with the phrase ‘Running head:’ and a colon. Please note that ‘Running head:” only appears in the first page.

Who can format my essay in APA style?

The second and following pages should contain the title alone.

How to format an essay in APA

Begin the introduction paragraph with an indent (an equivalent of a single TAB).

In-text citation in APA referencing

While writing your body paragraphs, you are expected to include ideas, thoughts, and findings of other scholars. To avoid plagiarism, you should cite the information you borrow from the different sources. This is known as an in-text citation.

The format for in-text citation in APA referencing style is ‘author/date.’ The author/date system applies to books, journal articles, web documents, or any other source.

Always use the author’s surname. The surname is followed by a comma and the year of publication. Enclose the entire citation in round brackets.

If you have used a book published by Andrew Schuler in 2019, your in-text citation in APA will be (Schuler, 2019).

For more than one author, use the same format but add the surnames of the additional authors.

In text citation in APA

Quotation in APA

Direct quotes of less than 40 words, incorporate them in the text and enclose the quote with double quotation marks, e.g.

Smith and Bruce (2018, p.91) conclude that “addressing the shortage of teachers in schools will improve the performance of students.”

Reference list in APA style

Direct quotes containing more than 40 words, put the quotation on a new paragraph, and indent it from the left. In this case, quotation marks are not required. Example…

How to Format Reference lists in APA

List of references is placed on a new page. The page is titled “References” and centered.

Include all the references in alphabetical order from A-Z. The references are double spaced.

All references in APA style end with a full stop except when the reference ends with a DOI or a web URL.

Below is an example of a Reference List in APA format….

Reference list in APA style example

Use Free Citation Generators to Format Your Essay

Some free bibliography software can also help you in generating an automatic citation.

Visit Citefast.com and insert the title of the book into the search box. You can do the same for article title or a website URL.

Other automatic citation generators include Bibme, Citethisforme, Citationmachine, among other free formatting software available online.

Important is to always check your university guidelines because some institutions may have customized APA formats.