What are Some Good Topics for Essay in College?

It’s great to know that you’re in college and looking for some good essay topics to write about. If that’s the case, you are in the right place because Academeter.com has identified a large list of titles to help exactly with that.

Why are these topics important in the first place?

A majority of college and high school students struggle with writer’s block when writing essays and so does coming up with themes and ideas.

Getting a little bit of help saves you a plenty of time and let’s you do other things you love. That is why ready essay titles make sense for even experienced learners.

what should I write my essay about

For learners in grades 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, we will provide a list of appropriate essay themes from many categories such as argumentative essays, technological essays, and environmental essays.

You can write your essay about many things including current issues such as climate change, social problems like racism, and inequality in access to education.

Instructors usually give guidelines for essay topics you should write about.

However, if you have not been provided with any, pick a topic from the following list and enjoy your writing.

What Essay Topics Should I Write About?

You can write your essay about pollution, artificial intelligence, universal health care, homelessness, democracy, and social media and much more. Other titles that could make interesting essays pandemics, drug addiction, mental health, civil wars and so on and so forth.

Whether you’re in high school or university, the following are some of the essay topics you can write about.

When selecting a good essay title, ensure that you narrow down on the topic. You can read how to narrow down an essay topic for faster and better writing.

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The following collection of essay topic ideas is appropriate for students of all levels of study, from elementary school to college.

We have the most writings in our collection.

An essay is simply a piece of information produced from the writer’s or author’s point of view. Essays are related to stories, pamphlets, theses, and other types of writing. The nicest part about college essay is that it allows you to choose any style of language depending on your prompts. 

College Essay Topics

  1. Do countries have to ban plastic?
  2. The role of urbanization in pollution.
  3. Should education be free to all?
  4. Artificial intelligence and safety of humans.
  5. Banning the sale of tobacco.
  6. Prevalence of crime and unemployment among young adults.
  7. Regulation of internet in the 21st century
  8. Should majority Christian countries allow same sex marriage?
  9. The contribution of computers to reduced brain capacity.
  10. Are summer vacations meaningless?
  11. How technology has changed learning and education.
  12. Solutions for global warming.
  13. The impacts of air pollution on the respiratory health of children.
  14. Water management in cities.
  15. Approaches to address overpopulation.
  16. How to stop civil wars in developing countries.
  17. Should all countries follow democracy?
  18. Effects of corruption on development of emerging economies.
  19. Space exploration and its contribution to humanity.
  20. Mental health issues among teenagers.
  21. Prevention of drug and substance abuse in high.
  22. The role of culture in disease management and healthcare provision.

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Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

A descriptive essay uses sensory data to describe a specific item. It is done in order to appeal to the reader’s five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight).

For students, here is a collection of persuasive essay subject suggestions.

  1. The person who has had the most positive influence in my life.
  2. Explain the benefits of a smartphone to someone from the 1960s.
  3. The most intriguing work of art I’ve ever seen.
  4. Describing what it’s like to fall in love.
  5. How would you describe a location that only exists in your imagination?
  6. Writing about a notable person you met.
  7. Tell a stranger about yourself and your personality.
  8. How will life be in the year 2050?
  9. What was the once-in-a-lifetime experience for me?
  10. Your notion of the great day.
  11. Describing first international travel.
  12. The most momentous event in the history of the United States.
  13. A well-known book series that left you disappointed.
  14. A glimpse into my daily routine.
  15. A day in the life of an emergency room physician.
  16. A visit to a museum.
  17. The film that I found most intriguing throughout my summer break.
  18. One of my favorite memories during childhood
  19. An event that forever impacted my life.
  20. An experience that rekindled my faith in mankind.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle so much about your topic. You can write about even much simpler topics. Here are a few more extra titles.

  1. Cigarette manufacturing and distribution should be prohibited.
  2. Participating in team sports aids in the development of positive character.
  3. Americans should take more vacations and vacations should be longer.
  4. People will gain weight when they diet.
  5. Students in college should be able to pick and choose their own courses.
  6. Physical education courses should (or should not) be mandatory of students.
  7. Colleges should not ask freshmen to acquire a food plan.
  8. Before starting college, high school grads should take a year off.
  9. Technology has made people unduly reliant on it.
  10. The law should imprison drunk drivers on first offense.

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How To Choose a Topic for an Essay

  • Personal interest. You should do an evaluation of the probable topic you have discovered. What if you wanted to write about something related to this topic? Many scholars have discovered that the more their personal interest in a subject, the easier it is to conduct research and write about it.
  • Length of the essay. Are you writing a 10-page or a 4-page honors paper for 4th year? Choose a topic that can be adequately addressed within the confines of the essay length you are composing.
  • Scope of the topic. Because a topic that is too wide is difficult to handle in a thorough and fascinating manner, narrowing your focus is recommended. Your topic may be overly restricted, and you may not have enough material to write about, or you may have problems obtaining research materials if your topic is too tight.
  • Objective of the writing. Finally, think about what you want your essay to accomplish. Is it expected of you to create an essay that discusses, compares and contrasts, analyzes, or advocates a particular point of view? This will have an impact on the way you approach the subject matter.
  • Type of paper you’re writing. Determine the type of essay you intend to write before beginning the process of selecting a topic.
  • Access to research materials. Confirm that you have access to all of the materials on the subject. Decide on a theme, gather information from several sources, and then begin writing. If there are few or no sources available, consider a different topic.
  • Brainstorming. Create a brainstorming session to generate ideas for your paper’s topic. Using this strategy when you are struggling to come up with a topic might be quite beneficial.

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Teenage Pregnancy Topic Ideas

Mistakes You Can Avoid When Selecting a Topic

  1. Choosing a dull topic because it is simple to write about it is a common mistake. Being disinterested in the subject matter results in writing a disinterested essay.
  2. Not narrowing down a topic and instead attempting to write a report on a broad topic such as “minerals on Mars.”
  3. Using of an old topic, yet writing a paper from exactly the same point of view as the prior time around.

Tips for Choosing the Best Topics

Nothing is more vital in writing than the essay topic you select.

The backbone of your work is the essay subject concept, and if it is poor, it will be incredibly tough for you to achieve. The greatest subject suggestions are those that you are most enthusiastic about. If you are uninterested in your subject, writing the essay will be excruciating.

Writing it will, however, be a breeze if it is something you actually adore.

Another factor to consider while deciding on an essay topic is your intended audience.

Consider removing particularly technical and specialist subjects if your audience has little to no expertise of the subject. Finally, pick something thrilling and engaging. Consider your reader’s perspective: what would you wish to learn about?

COVID-19 Essay Topics

The COVID-19 epidemic hit us hard, and it’s difficult to predict how months of self-isolation and stay-at-home orders would affect our lives and daily routines. This is an event that none of us will forget, and an article on such a hot issue will pique the interest of most readers. Below are some intriguing essay subject suggestions:

  1. What you should know about COVID-19 and pets
  2. What impact will COVID-19 have on people’s lives?
  3. Benefit and drawbacks of self-isolation
  4. During your quarantine, what lessons have you learned?
  5. During the epidemic, what challenges did you face?
  6. COVID-19 claimed the life of a person you loved.
  7. Life at school during COVID-19
  8. Pandemic and spread of fear in the media
  9. During the outbreak of Coronavirus, have you participated in a charity?
  10. Projects you worked on while in quarantine
  11. During the epidemic, essential employees
  12. During the quarantine, what were your personal accomplishments?
  13. How have the dynamics of relationships evolved throughout COVID-19?
  14. What did you like best about quarantine?
  15. What might have been done to stop the virus from spreading?
  16. COVID-19 has sparked a backlash against Asian Americans.
  17. COVID-19 prevention methods and how you utilized them in your life
  18. How to keep fit and healthy throughout your confinement
  19. The virus’s future: COVID-19 vaccinations vs. a powerful immune system
  20. Self-isolation and mental health