How do you ensure my information remains secure?

We know you care so much about your confidentiality. Fortunately, your teachers, classmates or parents won’t be able to tell that you used our service. So, how do we protect your information?

First, we do not send marketing emails that could pop up on your phone while you’re with your teachers or parents.

Second, we do not ask for your real name, your college or university, city of residence, or other personally identifying information. Our privacy policy ensures that even our writers do not ask for any information from clients. Our work is completely anonymous.

Third, we have created a secure essay ordering system that only you can access. Your client account is well-secured and no one else will see your password, including our developers.

Lastly, we receive payments through secure and world’s best systems including PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. These payment options ensure that your personal details do not leak to anyone as you request our essay writing assistance.