Sports Argumentative Essay Topics (Simple Titles)

Sports allow us to stay physically healthy, learn new abilities, and improve our emotional well-being. It has enhanced social contact and is a kind of enjoyment for the majority of people. Sports Argumentative Essay Topics focus on persuading and supporting particular viewpoints on sports via academic writing. It could encompass all dimensions of sports, including social, economic, and political implications of various sports.

It’s just as vital to choose a good topic as it is to generate captivating material. You must impress your instructor with the greatest argumentative essay ideas if you want to do well in school.

Here are some excellent topic suggestions for you in a variety of disciplines. Select an appropriate topic for your essay and begin the writing process.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are video game players considered real athletes?
  2. Can teenagers be kept out of trouble by engaging in sports?
  3. Should girls and boys be able to engage in the same sports?
  4. Should professional athletes be allowed to use non-steroidal alternatives to steroids?
  5. Is cheerleading a sport for individuals?
  6. Baseball isn’t nearly as exciting as it once was.
  7. Do colleges spend a significant amount of money on sports programs?
  8. Student-athletes should be compensated for their participation.
  9. Sports betting should be prohibited.
  10. Alcohol and cigarette advertisements should not be broadcast during sporting events.
  11. Is the media portraying female athletes as sexual objects?
  12. All athletes should be drug tested before they can compete.
  13. Women should not be allowed to participate in extreme sports.
  14. The effects of bodybuilding on a woman’s body as she gets older.
  15. Is chess a game or a sport? Explain it in depth.

Sports, as one of the most engaging leisure sectors, contribute significantly to a student’s well-being, both physically and in terms of essay writing. Popular sports have been included into the school curriculum as part of the co-curricular program. Students may keep intellectually attentive and physically healthy by participating in sports. They’ve also assisted students in obtaining scholarships for their education.

With the industry’s rapid expansion, a slew of contentious problems have arisen. Among them are how athletic activities are conducted and what constitutes a sport.

These scandals have sparked a slew of heated debates. Sport is an element of the extracurricular activities at the school. As a result, writing about sports argumentative essay themes is quite acceptable. Students struggle to choose what to write about due to the wide variety of sports available throughout the world. For the sports fan, the decision is simple.

There are several sports argumentative essay topics to choose from. However, narrowing down the options might be tough. A student’s finest topic ideas are determined by their interests. Here are some suggested sample topics for you to consider.

  1. Using performance enhancing drugs should lead to exclusion from professional sports.
  2. Cheerleading as a competitive sport
  3. Negative perceptions that college players are illiterate
  4. The amount of money spent on college games is too much.
  5. Is marching band a sport?
  6. Creating a school-wide sports culture
  7. Health issues associated with student-athletes’ use of energy drinks
  8. Student-athletes should be compensated for their participation in sports.
  9. Why cheerleading should be included in the Olympics
  10. Permitting fights during hokey games.
  11. Football’s dangers to players
  12. Baseball’s popularity has waned over time.
  13. Where should we draw the line when it comes to selling the name rights to sports teams?
  14. Coaches’ treatment of players is not controlled by rules that are rigorous enough.
  15. Athletes who utilize steroids should surrender their medals.
  16. Legalizing sports betting everywhere is bad.
  17. Home-schooled students should be permitted to participate in public school athletics.
  18. Athletes’ sponsors and chosen owners receive the majority of their earnings.
  19. Should video games be considered sports?
  20. Should violent sports including wrestling and boxing be prohibited?
  21. Is it appropriate for women to participate in powerlifting?
  22. Why Colleges should invest more on wellness programs than in athletics.
  23. College football players should be paid.
  24. Why Parents should not let their kids to participate in football activities.
  25. Being gay in sports gets greater media and spectator attention.
  26. It is offensive for sports teams to use Native American mascots and names.
  27. Advertisements for tobacco and alcohol should not be shown during sporting events.

Engaging in athletics may help you maintain your physical condition as well as your mental health. Even if it’s only for fun, everyone should engage in athletic activities. It adds to the body’s overall wellness in more ways than one. Many countries rely heavily on sports to boost their economies. People have gotten into a lot of fights because of sports. These are solid arguments to use as the basis for your writings.

It is suggested that you choose an essay topic that you are enthusiastic about. Here are 25 sports argumentative essay themes on which you could wish to write an essay and do research to discover persuasive arguments.

Topics for Women in Sports

The media plays a vital role in ensuring that genders are represented equally in sports news. Do you agree with me?

  1. Should sports teams, referees, and coaches be split into gender groups?
  2. Do you think it’s fair and reasonable to split girls and males?
  3. Is it true that male sports have more supporters than female sports?
  4. Female athletes are more motivated by personal achievement than by personal progress.
  5. Should female athletes be given more training than male athletes?
  6. Do you feel that sports regulations should be changed to eliminate gender bias?
  7. Should sports be divided into categories based on gender?
  8. Should transgender people be permitted to play sports?

Argumentative Topics in Winter Sports

Winter sports refer to those games that take place on snow or ice. Skiing, ice skating, and sledding are the most popular of these activities. Traditionally, such activities have only existed in frigid climates with temperatures below freezing throughout the winter. Artificial snow and ice, on the other hand, allow events to be staged in practically any weather situation.

If you enjoy winter sports and wanted to write about them, consider the following essay topics:

  1. Why is The Winter Dew Tour bringing more snowboarding visitors to the United States?
  2. Why has the future of winter sports been jeopardized? Is climate change to blame for this?
  3. Is cross-country skiing the safest sport to participate in?
  4. Are the figure skating judges overbearing to the competitors?
  5. Why do hockey fans embrace the game’s brutality and combat?
  6. Is it feasible to do springboard jumps when there is a lot of snow?
  7. Why do many people believe North Korea has copied the Pyongyang Winter Olympics show?
  8. Why are winter clothing businesses thriving and expanding despite the crisis?
  9. What are the dangers of artificial snow in winter sports?
  10. Why we should not take Bobsleigh seriously.

Here are more Great Topic Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay.

  1. Basketball is currently losing popularity.
  2. Parents should not allow their children to play football because of traumatic events.
  3. Students who win sporting events should be compensated by universities.
  4. Cheerleading cannot be categorized as a sport.
  5. Coaches should check to see whether their players are using anabolic steroids.
  6. All people have the legal right to wager on sports online.
  7. Advertisements that encourage unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking are incompatible with sporting activities.
  8. Why Dog and other animal sports competitions should be banned in all places.
  9. Why Parents should not allow their children to participate in violent activities such as boxing.
  10. Powerlifting should only be a males-only sports.
  11. It is incorrect to classify video gaming as a sport.
  12. Sports may have both good and bad impacts on a person’s health.
  13. In any sport, teamwork is essential for success.
  14. All American institutions should require their students to play soccer.
  15. What are the steps to becoming a university’s top sports team?
  16. Soccer’s worldwide appeal can be attributed to a variety of factors.
  17. Is it appropriate for a coach to lose his cool in the middle of a game?
  18. Do you think of chess as a full-fledged sport similar to football or basketball?
  19. Is there any gender prejudice in sports?
  20. How important is the media in sporting events?
  21. Is there a method to avoid football injuries?
  22. Does stress affect all athletes, and if so, how can it be avoided?
  23. It is difficult to have a successful athletic career and a personal life at the same time.
  24. Professional sports are more than a pastime; they are a way of life.
  25. Professional athletes have a variety of chronic health issues.

There may be only a few of the argumentative essay topics to consider depending on your subject area. Sports is among the most controversial essay subjects, and it is ideally suited to the argumentative essay type. Choose a topic that interests you and write a well-structured essay that demonstrates why your point of view is correct. You can let the reader know of all possible viewpoints, offer “for” and “against” reasons for each, and end the essay such that no one is left in doubt about your stance.

I hope the list of ideas above will assist you in coming up with sports debate themes. Choose one of the five topics from the list that you are most familiar with. Remember that the issue should be well-researched so that you can back up your claim with proof. You may always resort to pros who have written hundreds of argumentative essays if you don’t have enough time or writing abilities. As a result, forget about tension and simply let your thoughts flow!

Argumentative Sports Essay Outline

1. Introduction for Sports Essay

As expected, the introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. As a result, it must grab the audience’s interest and attention.

In addition, the beginning should excite the reader to read the body of the essay.

An introduction has two essential components.

1. General claim

2. Thesis statement

General claim

The broad statement’s primary goal is to provide background information about the issue to the reader.  This material should pique the reader’s curiosity in the subject.

A general statement MUST begin with a general overview of the topic and progress to a specific statement of the primary concept.

2. Thesis statement

The thesis statement is the fundamentally the central idea of an essay. Its   purpose is to introduce the essay’s core concept.

Oftentimes, the thesis is written in the last the introduction.


Sample Topic: Basketball and Football are similar in many ways

General statement would look like something below:

For several millennia, sports have been played all throughout the world. There are several sports to choose from. Some of them are performed solo, while others are played in groups. Furthermore, some sports, such as basketball and football, are quite popular and give several benefits to anybody who participates in them.

Here is what to watch!

The explanation progresses from broad to specific issues about the topic.

Sentences need to be logically connected. This section prepares the reader for the main topic.

Thesis statement

The statement below could be your thesis statement:

Basketball and football share a lot of similarities, but they also have a lot of differences in other multiple ways.

The statement is specific because it shows a position about the topic. This will then guide the body paragraphs of the essay.

3. Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs can be as long as your essay prompt requires. If your essay is longer than 850 words, it will need more than 5 paragraphs.

4. Conclusion

The conclusion of an argumentative sports essay is the last paragraph. It will restate the thesis, list the supporting statements, and add a general personal view. Concluding an argumentative essay should leave the reader with a clear position the writer has taken regarding the topic.