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How do you tell that an essay writing service is legit? There are many telltale signs you can look for. If you’re an experienced scholar, you will easily understand that not many companies deliver quality papers despite their extreme promises.

Legit essay writing service providers are easy to find. Academeter.com is one of the few websites that will finish your essays without any trouble. The writing help we provide is legal and doesn’t go against any institution’s academic guidelines.

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There are many agencies providing essay writing services. However, there is only one big problem. How do you know legit essay writing companies?

First, there are absolutely legit essay writing agencies, and our services rank on top of the list.

A trustworthy company like ours (Academeter.com) will have some key features that will set it apart from illegitimate ones.

How do you tell when an essay writing company is illegitimate?

  • When it does not keep promise on paper quality.
  • Making outrageous claims, for instance, “all our writers have PhDs” could be a red flag.
  • The company demands premium charges but offers you sub-par papers.
  • Writers do not deliver your paper within the deadline.
  • Conceals their location and true legal status.
  • Support does not address your concerns fast enough. Sometimes, they even ignore you completely.

Those are some of the way to tell whether an essay writing service is legit or not.

How is Academeter.com Legitimate?

Based on our client satisfaction, you can be certain that by working with us, you will experience the benefits of a legitimate essay writing process. 

Objectivity: A legitimate company has a clear goal. Here, our objective is to make your academic paper writing process less hectic. When you notice that a company does not give you any sensible reason why it is in business, you can be sure that it is not legitimate.

Reliability: Very reliably with a 100% delivery rate. If you need a paper within 24 hours, we will deliver it within the timeline, not even a single minute late. Because you have autonomy over your account at Academeter.com, you can order different papers at the same time and they will all be completed according to your needs.

Legality of our service: Our services are legal in any part of the world. As an educational consulting agency, we are out to help students learn and achieve their life goals without being deprived of their social lives due to overwhelming writing activities.

Safety: Ordering an essay from us is safe and secure because we do not store any of your information. In fact, we encourage clients to avoid sharing personally-identifying details as much as possible. Our business here is to make your experience writing school essays less hectic rather than create an insecure platform. 

Payment and Refund Policy: We use secure payment procession options that are based on a transparent relationship. Academeter.com does not have any hidden costs. With our price calculator, you will know exactly what your essay will cost. We only charge you for what you ask for. Our refund policy is also very clear because any dissatisfied client has a right to get their money back. We refund all your money back to you.

Quality of essays and plagiarism: We operate under a strict quality-oriented policy: if you cannot deliver quality, don’t promise it. Our clients can attest that when we say we write plagiarism-free papers for you, we mean every single word of it. If you pay for a 2:2, that is exactly what we deliver.

We don’t collect and sell your information: Some unethical companies will ask you for so much detail that they can sell to third parties. Our company privacy policy guarantees your online safety because we only ask for information related to your essay or homework. We even succinctly urge clients to use nicknames rather than real names.

License: The other major concern you might have could be about how valid and transparent our services are. We operate on legal grounds and hold a license issued by Proxima Home Schooling Limited in Nairobi, Kenya. The company has been a legitimate educational consultant working with students from all over the world for 5 years now.

Maintaining academic integrity of your school but still using our legitimate paper

Is purchasing authentic essays from experts the ideal method to grasp the fundamentals of writing? Instructors don’t teach you how to write a solid research report or a scientific review in college.

Teachers expect you to know these things even if you’ve never written anything else than a high school essay or term report. However, with a little assistance from our skilled writers, you may complete a whole coursework or dissertation while seeing a sample of an exceptional document.

So, certainly, our legitimate essay writing service is an efficient and dependable option to improve your writing abilities.

Best Legit essay writing service

The best legit essay writing service is Academeter.com. When seeking essay writing help, it is necessary that you scrutinize how legitimate a website is and by confirming how open they conduct their operations. 

Dealing with a reputable company like Academeter.com gives you control over your academic paper writing process. Once you pay for your essay, we give our customers the peace of mind they desire.

So, what have we done to prove our legitimacy and serve our devoted clients with honesty?

  • We recently celebrated our fifth anniversary. Our outstanding performance and client trust are what have kept our customers loyal.
  • We do not have a single client who has claimed our services are a scam or dubious. The reason for this is because of the transparency in our refund policy and the quality of writing service. 

So, now that you understand what makes our services legit, what writing assignment do you want our writers to complete for you?

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