Islamic Law Essay Topics

Islamic Law Essay Topics

You’re out to complete your essay on Islamic Law and then you begin your research hoping to find some exciting topics. Your search end up in frustrations because not many publications and topic ideas exist online.

In this post, we will go through some of the important Sharia Law essay topic ideas that you can write about right away. You do not have to give these a second thought because they are original topic ideas already taking you a step closer to making your writing process simpler.

First, let us consider what Sharia Law means and then we will move to the topic ideas.

When it comes to any discussion of Islam and politics, the function of Islamic law in the modern secular state is essential, and it is as important today as it has always been.

What is Sharia Law?

Sharia, also known as “Sharia Law” or “Islamic Law,” is a religious law that is derived from the basic principles of Islam and is a component of the Islamic tradition. Despite the fact that Sharia oppresses women and limits their human rights, a large number of Muslims nevertheless regard Sharia as a desirable institution. In order to comprehend why, one must first learn and understand the fundamental notions of law before delving deeper into the unique qualities and aspects of Sharia Law.

Islamic Law Essay Topics

  1. The enforcement of Islamic Law of Halal Regulations in the Middle East.
  2. Islamic finance within compliance of Sharia.
  3. Exploration of Islam Religious Institutions in the United States.
  4. The subtle similarities and differences between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
  5. The application of the five pillars of Islam in modern Turkey.
  6. The political contribution of Islam to the Arab Spring since 2011.
  7. The contribution of Islamic Law in reducing human trafficking in Saudi Arabia.
  8. The role of Islamic Law on the growth and development of North African countries.
  9. The role of women in shaping the perception of Islamic Law in modern Saudi Arabia.
  10. The complexity of the history of Sunni and Shia Muslims.
  11. How Sharia Law has encourage or discouraged people from converting to or from Islam.
  12. Comparing the Christian 10 Commandments and the Five Pillars of Islam in the 21st century.

Religion is a very delicate subject for every human on the face of the planet. Every religion has its own set of rules that adherents must adhere to. Everyone is born to specific religion and later on they have a choice to convert based on their beliefs.

Each and every religion is expected to be honored regardless the age, race, and gender. Sharia law contains many laws for the followers yet it never interrupts other religion or country. Because sharia law is only intended for Muslims, no one has the authority to call it into doubt. It is extremely simple to state that religion has no influence on a person’s actions. Anyone, regardless of religion, is capable of committing a sin. This, on the other hand, is not a good thing.

Sharia law is really simple to comprehend. The application of Sharia law should be respected by all people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, because it does not discriminate against or show disrespect for anybody else.

Here are some other good essay topics on Islam.

These ideas for Islamic Law essay will also inspire your next writing project.

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Best Islamic Law Topics

  1. The portrayal of Islam as a Religion in Media.
  2. The role of Sharia Law in the fight against terrorism.
  3. Radicalization of young Muslims and the effect on political stability.
  4. Is radical Islam a creation of Western media?
  5. The contribution of Islam in the global civilization and advancement of humanity.
  6. Can Islam allow the proliferation and growth of Women in Qatar?
  7. Core beliefs and modern practices of Islam amidst the changing cultural identity.
  8. Preserving the ideologies of Islam through Islamic theologians.
  9. Modernity and the role of Islam for Islamic justice.
  10. The significance of Mecca in reinforcing Islamic faith and ideologies.
  11. Can democracy and Islam Law exist in a single country rule by Sharia Law?
  12. The early perception of Europeans on Islamic practices.