How to Write a Teenage Pregnancy Essay (Fast)

Teenage pregnancy essay is a common prompt for students in colleges and universities.

Writing this type of essay may require a little bit of experience to ensure that you get the top scores. Another challenge is that you may not be able to finish as fast as you intend but with a few tricks from our experts, we will show you how to go about it in just one hour without sacrificing the critical components.

teenage pregnancy essay

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But if you just want to go through all this on your own, here are the steps to make the process of writing seamless.

We have identified 5 simple steps that will take you through the process without leaving out critical elements of a good essay. These ideas will even apply to a research paper.

1. Establish a Clear Direction (Do You Picture the Ending of Your Essay?)

Why is this important?

It is important because when you know the destination of writing, you will definitely have an idea about the shortest route to that end.

  • The secret to writing a teenage pregnancy essay faster lies with the direction you want your argument to take.

There are many aspects of teenage pregnancy.

sex education to prevent teen pregnancy

Some students might want to talk about the prevalence of teenage pregnancy. Others may wish to discuss its impacts.

Writing about the methods of preventing teenage pregnancy is also a great angle to take while completing the paper. So, start by figuring out what you want to communicate in the paper.

Avoid the mistake of going too broad with your thesis. Teenage pregnancy entails a lot of things.

The narrower your teenage pregnancy thesis is, the faster you will complete it. Also, your paper will look more compact and better to read.

Coming up with a good thesis statement should fulfill the following expectations:

  • Answering a particular question about the essay topic.
  • Making a specific claim that others can argue about.
  • Highlighting a few reasons why you make the claim.

Sample (good) thesis statement:

Sexual behavior education has a limited impact on reducing teenage pregnancy in California because there are fewer experts capable of delivering such sensitive coaching and other critical factors such as a child’s background could erase the effectiveness of the approach.

Let us assume you’re going to pick one of the teenage pregnancy essay topics listed below.

Teenage pregnancy essay topics

  1. Parental education in reducing teenage pregnancy.
  2. Role of family environment in occurrence of teenage pregnancy.
  3. Does poverty increase the likelihood of getting pregnant before 18 years?
  4. The contributors to increased rates of teenage pregnancy in the United States?
  5. Strategies to reduce teenage pregnancy among high school students.
  6. Examining contraceptive awareness among teenagers.
  7. Stigma associated with teenage pregnancy.
  8. The significance of religion in preventing teen pregnancy.
  9. Emotional impact of teen pregnancy on young girls.
  10. Ways to educate pregnant teenage girls on nutrition during pregnancy.

2. Use a Concise Essay Title (Catchy but not Silly Titles)

The above essay topic ideas on the subject have been narrowed down to areas that will sharpen the focus of your paper.

So, after determining the direction of the paper, it is important that you use a concise title.

Remember! The reader of your essay will likely have other papers to read, most likely your classmates.

If you have a boring title without a clear message pointing to a particular direct, you might just not score the best grade your desire.

Consider the following two essay titles:

(A) Reducing Teenage Pregnancy.

(B) The Impacts of Sexual Behavior Education in Reducing Teenage Pregnancy in California.

Title A is what you want to avoid. Why?

  • It suck and tells the reader nothing about your paper.
  • It does not raise curiosity but the purpose of writing is to get someone to read it.

Title B makes the mark because of several reason. Why should you have titles like that?

  • Concise essay titles communicate a sense of purpose.
  • Raises the reader’s expectation and the desire to know more.
  • A good essay title also narrows down to a subset of ideas in a multitude of issues.

Now that you have an idea about how your teenage pregnancy essay title should look like, let’s jump to the third step of writing.

3. Create a Simple Outline

A teenage pregnancy essay outline must not be too comprehensive.

The reason for creating an outline is to speed up your writing process. You cannot afford to start an essay without a plan. If not, you will write two paragraphs and realize that you have nothing left to finish a 3- or 5-page paper.

That is why an outline is important.

Here is a simple teenage pregnancy outline if you’re discussing “The Impact of Sexual Education on Reducing Teenage Pregnancy.”

  • Essay title
  • Introduction
    • End introduction with a thesis statement. E.g. Sexual education is not effective in reducing teenage education because… (write your reasons here)
  • Body
    • Reason 1 (sexual education does not consider other causes of teenage pregnancy)
    • Reason 2 (there are fewer specialists to deliver effective sexual education)
    • Reason 3 (limited resources to fund sexual education within schools)
    • Reason 4 (technology, such as access to smartphones easily undo the effects of education)
  • Conclusion
  • References

You can have as many reasons as your essay can contain. The longer the paper, the larger your body section will have to be depending on your instructor’s guidelines.

Short teenage pregnancy essays may only need three body paragraphs, each paragraph discussion a single sub topic.

4. Avoid the Mistake of Making Too Many Claims

The purpose is to complete the essay as fast as possible.

One mistake I usually see students making is picking too many points to talk about, only to end up consuming much of their time for no reason.

The more points you list for or against your argument, the more you expose your essay for criticism.

So, stay away from this ‘evil’ desire. Some students do it to impress their teachers but it always does not. Instead, it dilutes the quality of your paper. You end up splitting tiny claims that could be combined to make one strong argument.

Quality trumps quantity if the essay has to be complete within an hour.

Avoid quibbling as much as you can.

5. Spare 5 Minutes for Proofreading

It doesn’t matter how short the time you have to complete your teenage essay writing if your teacher cannot read past two sentences without noticing a grammatical error or a misspelt word.

Set aside a minimum of five minutes to proofread your essay.

You do not need to good too overboard with this if time is limited.

However, you need to eliminate obvious mistakes that will destroy the reading experience. Remember, an unread essay equals no essay. You only score marks if your tutor can read through the entire paper, or at least significant portions of it.


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