how to write a 5 page essay fast

Simple Steps to Write a 5 Page Essay Fast

The process of writing a 5-page page essay fast should be a replicable but not necessarily an easy process. I will detail a practical approach here to help you write a five-page paper real fast. The secret to doing this successfully is to follow the process step-by-step.

  1. Examine the meaning and scope of the paper
  2. Break the body into four parts
  3. Observe 2 paragraphs per page rule
  4. Perform literature search like a pro
  5. Proofread AYG
  6. Picture the conclusion at the beginning

Remember we the main concerns we have to watch for are quality of the essay and the tight deadline.

1. Examine meaning and scope

The speed of writing your essay will depend on how complex or straightforward the essay topic feels.

Developing meaning refers to reading the research question carefully to understand it. The scope is having an idea of how deep you want to go.

A complex topic such as those of computer engineering and mathematical calculations for space rovers landing on Mars requires a lot more time to synthesize.

Once you have examined the paper and identified what the essay requires, make sure you list a couple of items you are going to cover.

Assuming you’re writing about “The effects of 3-D printing on Society,” you could identify some sub-sections such as the following:

  • What would be the impacts on the Medical world?
  • Is 3D printing a suitable solution for housing?
  • Can 3 –D printers solve the problem of climate change?
  • And finally, will 3-D printing ever become a reality?

These are just a few points you can decide to include in the 5-page essay.

2. Break the body into 4 (four) main points

A 5-page essay is a long paper and you cannot have only one or two discussion points.

Having too many points (more than 5 sub-sections) is also a bad strategy since it will leave you with too many points to include in the paper. That could lengthen the paper beyond 5 pages.

how many words are in a 5 page essay

Breaking your essay into four main topics means that you will have one point per page for four pages.

The remaining one page will be split into two sections for introduction and conclusion.

This is how your 5-page essay will now look like:

  • ½ page Introduction
  • 4 pages Body
  • ½ page Conclusion

The body of your essay will have four pages each page covering a single sub-topic. With this clear scope in mind, completing the paper will be faster and more direct.

Each of these topics will also ensure that you do not get overwhelmed by the thought of writing an entire block of content from the first to the last page.

3. Observe two (2) paragraphs per page

The recommended number of paragraphs for a single page is 3 paragraphs. However, if your focus is speed, three paragraphs per page would mean you spend more time organizing the third paragraph.

Instead, you could only focus on having two paragraphs per page to reduce the paragraph overload that comes with arranging each one.

Two paragraphs per page are allowed since the standard maximum length of a paragraph 150 words. If you can have your paragraphs at 140 words each, you will be able to fix exactly 10 paragraphs for the entire 5-page essay.

4. Perform literature search like a pro

There is a lot of information on books and deciding which journal article to use as your source could be difficult.

The faster you can decide which citation to make and which references to ignore, the more time you will save while completing the essay.

For example, let’s work with the question: What would be the impact of 3-D printing on the medical field?

How can we perform a search that would give the information we want? Here are a few tips.

  • Rather than finding books that dedicate only some chapters to the topic, find those that discuss 3-D printing in the medical field in the entire book. Check their titles for this relevance. But the entire healthcare applications could be also too broad. Narrow it down further to a small field such as cardiovascular medicine. Now your key phrase for search could be “3 – D printing in cardiovascular medicine.”
  • Use operators unique for the library database. For instance, some databases require quotation marks, asterisks, Boolean operators, negative signs, and so on. These will help you filter out irrelevant literature that would waste much of your time.
  • Don’t spend much time reading unreliable sources. They are distractive and could entice you with another article on an entirely different subject. Go strictly for scholarly search engines such as Google Scholar or major databases.

5. Proofread the paper AYG (as you go)

Finishing a 5-page essay in a couple of hours requires you to be as precise as possible. Watch out for the information you type.

After typing each paragraph, go back and proofread it immediately. Do not wait until you have written the entire paper.

6. The secret in the conclusion

Imagine your lecturer has 250 students, each submitting their essays for grading. How much effort can he put into reading every single word before he gets exhausted? Probably 100 essays!

What if your essay is the 180th paper? The lecturer will most likely check your introduction and skim through your subheadings before focusing on your conclusion. That is what will get you the score.

This idea does not mean that you should ignore the body of the essay. Make it as interesting to read as possible.

Having the conclusion in mind is critical for a coherent essay because it acts as a guiding light for the writing process.

An example conclusion statement based on the essay topic mentioned earlier could be something like this:

“In summary, existing literature indicates that there are numerous benefits of 3-D printing. However, the true implications of the technology might take a few decades to mature. Not many people today will live to enjoy its benefits.”

Such a conclusion is only possible after you’ve gone through a few of your sources and discovered a pattern in their summaries.

If all your sources report limitations associated with the subject of discussion, then it is possible to perceive a trend and take a position with what you think about it.

Remember: Even if you wanted to type an essay fast, online programs such as Essay Bot and Essay Typer may not help much.

How long does it take to finish a 5-page essay?

A satisfactory 5-page essay takes between 2 ½ hours and 5 hours to finish. Slow writers might require one to complete a single page. At moderate speed, a good writer will take just two and a half hours to finish the paper.

How many words is a five-page essay?

A 5-paragraph essay is 1,350 words long. Based on the standard word count for a page, there should be at least 1,250 words for a five-page essay. The maximum number of words for a 5-page essay should be 1,500 words. Do not exceed these limits.