How Much is Course Hero? Price Per Month and Annually

How much is Course Hero?

Ever wonder whether you can use Course Hero for free? Unfortunately, Course Hero is not really free. Creating an account does not attract any charge either. However, you will not be able to view anything until you make payment.

If you post 40 documents, Course Hero gives you a 1 month free trial.

Let us now answer how much Course Hero Costs.

Course Hero charges offer you three options:

  • Monthly subscription
  • Quarterly subscription
  • Annual subscription

These three options come with their advantages and disadvantages.

Course Hero Price

Monthly Plan$39.99 per month1 month of access
Quarterly Plan$19.95 per month3 months of access
Annual Plan$9.95 per month12 months of access

Course Hero costs $119.4 per year (at $9.99/month) and $39.99 per month for quarterly membership. This means that if you were to pay for subscription every single month, it would be much more expensive costing $479.4 for 12 months. We understand that the plans will make sense for different students.

It all depends on how long you plan to use Course Hero.

  • Monthly subscription – This option allows users to ask up to 10 tutor questions. It is the most expensive and costs $39.99.
  • Quarterly subscription – Here, you’re billed $59.85 every 3 months. A user can ask up to 20 tutor questions.
  • Annual subscription – This is the value pack for long-term students. It is billed $119.40 every 12 months. A learner can ask up to forty tutor questions

As you can see, choosing the Annual membership plan will result in greater financial savings in the long run. The annual membership will cost you $120 less for the yearly plan than the 3-month membership. Meanwhile, the monthly cost for Course Hero for a whole year is four times as expensive as the Annual plan.

How much does Course Hero cost for a whole year? The annual subscription is an option for students who are always looking for fresh study materials but do not have access to actual libraries or resources. It is the cheapest option.

Many students, meanwhile, might not want to use the service for that long. According to student reviews of Course Hero, choosing the 3-month membership offers the highest value if you are merely going through a difficult time in your current semester.

The monthly membership fee, on the other hand, is a little on the expensive side, so it could only be suitable for students who have a one-time study emergency.

Basic Membership (free)

How much is Course Hero basic membership? Both a premium membership and a basic membership are available for users with different needs. The basic membership is free.

The company’s online instructors will provide assistance to non-paying members for an a la carte fee. In addition to having access to all of Course Hero’s Textbook Solutions and Explanations and receiving up to 40 Questions, Premier Members can unlock up to 30 papers and/or User Questions.

You will immediately be charged if you choose to sign up for the Premier membership. The company charges a one-time fee at the time of purchase for our membership, which is indicated here.

Please be aware that your membership will automatically renew at the end of your commitment period because we don’t want to disrupt your service. Your subscription can be canceled at any time.

Membership Benefits for Course Hero

Both a free Basic Membership and a charged Premier Membership are available through Course Hero. A free Course Hero membership gives you complete access to Course Hero’s free literary infographics, pay-per-question access to their top homework tutors, and the option to browse their library of study materials.

While you won’t be able to fully browse or download study materials, you can have access to all of our library’s materials by adding your own research materials.

How Much is Course Hero Per Month?

The subscription fee for Course Hero per month is $19.95 if you choose the quarterly option. For a single month, the charge is $39.99 and then you can cancel it anytime. Students will get so many benefits by paying the fee even for just one month.

The cheapest option is $9.99 for annual subscription. This option is great for long-term students who intend to use Course Hero for more than a year. Although it is a cheaper option, you need to pay for 12 months upfront.

The answers tutors on the platform give are valuable to all students who wish to use them as a reliable study tool.

Finally, you might want to think about using a no-interest credit card to cover your membership fees. This is a good ideas if the plans and pricing are out of your price range yet access to those materials is crucial for your studies.

We hope we have answered your question “how much is course hero?”

Share with us what you think about the company. Have you used their services?