How Long is a 1000-Word Essay?

How long is a 1000-word essay? A 1000-word essay is four pages long and requires about 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete. Based on those details, it is considered a medium-length essay. Long essays are those that are more than 2750 words long (equivalent to 10 pages).

I will provide a clear description of what the length of this type of essay looks like. To do so, I will consider the following:

  1. How many hours?
  2. Number of pages
  3. How many Paragraphs?
  4. Number of references

How Many Hours are Needed To Complete a 1000-Word Essay

In terms of how much time you need, I have mentioned that you will need approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete the essay.

Where and how do you spend all those minutes? My own assessment has constantly revealed the following areas and the distribution of time I spend on each of them while writing a 1000 word paper.

  • Researching your essay topic – 60 minutes
  • Typing of the essay – 40 minutes (25 words/minute)
  • Formatting the essay and references – 30 minutes
  • Water/coffee break – 15 minutes
  • Proofreading and submission – 25 minutes

You realize that the most time will be spent on researching the topic. This will ensure that your essay topic is rooted on a solid argument and is backed by reliable evidence.

However, a little research I did a while back indicates that majority of people need more than 3 hours to complete their 1000 word essay.

Below are the findings from my small study.

  • < 2 hours: 1 Writer 
  • 2 – 3 hours: 12 Writers
  • 3 – 4 hours: 31 writers
  • 4+ hours: 7 writers

How Many Pages?

How many pages is a 1000 word essay? A 1000 word essay is 4 pages long. If you’re using 300 words per page then your essay will be 3⅓ pages for double spacing. Furthermore, it will be 2 pages long when single spaced.

The number of pages for the essay falls into three categories depending on what tutors prefer. Usually, teachers will use one of these standard pages when providing essay instructions:

  • 1 page = 250 words
  • 1 page = 275 words
  • 1 page = 300 words

Notice that 275 words is in the middle range. It is the most commonly used word length for a full page. I too use it as my standard word count.

With that information, you can begin to picture out how long your 1000 word essay should be.

The same rule applies to answering ‘how long is a 500 word essay?’

Number of Paragraphs in a 1000-Word Essay?

How many paragraphs is a 1000 word essay? Typically, a 1000-word essay is 6 and  paragraphs long. This is based on a 1 paragraph equals to 150 words rule. For shorter paragraphs of a 100 words each, a 1000 word essay will be 10 paragraphs long.

A standard paragraph falls into one of these three categories:

  • 1 paragraph = 100 words
  • 1 paragraph = 150 words
  • 1 paragraph = 200 words

What is a paragraph? A paragraph is a series of sentences put together to pass an idea and support. A standard paragraph is usually 3 – 10 sentences long and ends when the author wants to present a new idea.

Number of References for 1000 Words

How many references should a 1000 word essay have? A 1000-word essay should have 6-20 references. Each paragraph in the essay should have at least 1 citation. This usually comes after 3 sentences within that paragraph.

What are references? References are a list of sources usually written on separate page at the end of an essay. These sources are cited within the essay using referencing styles needed for the subject.

How much is a 1000 word essay?

How much is a 1000-word essay? A 1000 word essay costs $60. On the minimum side, writers charging $10 per page will require $40 dollars while top writers like me would sometimes ask for higher pay of up to $160.

Tips to Write Your 1000 Word Essay

  • Stay away social media and mute your phone
  • Write two paragraphs and rest for 5 minutes before proceeding
  • Do not start with the thesis. Why shouldn’t you start with the thesis?
    • It will make you skew your research to sources that support your argument. This can lead to a research bias. Let research take you to a conclusion rather than vice versa.