Thesis Statement Examples: How to Write Good Ones

What is a thesis statement? A thesis statement is a single sentence in a research paper that summarizes the argument of the author. Essays and research papers usually have their thesis statements at the end of the introduction paragraph. The thesis communicates a concise claim of the writing and is supported by subsequent points.

thesis statement examples

In this article, I will provide 21 incredible thesis statement examples you can borrow.

When writing a thesis, you need to consider several things apart from the format. Other factors such as length, your position in the paper, and the strength of the argument matter too.

  1. Length: A good thesis statement might be quite short or long but it all depends on he points you list. However, it is usually only one short sentence. A thesis statement cannot be two sentences long.  You should strive for a single sentence that go at least two lines in length, or an estimated 30-40 words.
  2. Position: A great thesis statement should always appear at the opening paragraph of an essay. This is due to the fact that it is a sentence that informs the reader of what the writer is about to address. Instructors will have varied preferences for where the thesis should be placed, but a reasonable rule of thumb is within final two sentences of that paragraph.
  3. Strength: Finally, in order to create a persuasive thesis, it must be debatable. This suggests that the assertion isn’t self-evident, and it’s not an argument that everyone agrees on.

Weak thesis statement

For instance, “Colonization of India by the British was bad” is a bad thesis statement.

Why is this a weak thesis statement? It makes a general claim that is not supported by further ideas. A bad thesis does not provide supporting evidence.

weak thesis statement

Example of a strong thesis statement

A stronger version of this thesis statement could be:

Most people agree that colonization of India by the British was bad because it led to economic instability, ethnic rivalries, and spread of diseases.

This is more debatable because there are many people who would argue that colonization brought plenty of good things to India and was not necessarily a bad thing.

A thesis statement requires more consideration than many other components of an essay. However, because your paper’s thesis statement can encapsulate an entire argument in a few lines, it is worthwhile to spend the extra time crafting I t. This can boost your research and thesis, resulting in an essay that is not only tight and focused but also makes readers think.

Here are 44 awesome thesis statement examples to inspire your next essay.

Thesis Statement Examples

  1. Local municipalities should allocate more funds to public libraries because they are essential resources for improving literacy levels.
  2. Companies should be forced to offer their employees more work-from-home opportunities it increases job satisfaction, increases productivity, and improves work-life balance.
  3. Beauty pageants should not be televised because are the modern-day cruelty to women that involves making them wear strange outfits, putting them on a stage and judging them at the same time for the amusement of others.
  4. Studying abroad should be encouraged because it is a cultural valuable experience to create a more accommodating workforce.
  5. Parents should take the leading role in reducing cyberbullying among young people because they have the resources to monitor their children’s online activities.
  6. Although school uniforms are seen as an upfront cost for parents, they should be encouraged because they eliminate the visual differences in the wealth status of students and create a more egalitarian learning environment at school.
  7. Schools should provide educational resources to all students from low-income communities during summer holidays because it helps them remember what they have learned throughout their year in school.
  8. The recent rise in populism in the world’s political stage is in response to growing globalization, declining jobs in the manufacturing sector, and poor world leadership.
  9. The government should legalize marijuana medicinal use because studies have shown that medicinal marijuana can be helpful in managing mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.
  10. Parents should teach their kids about consensual sex from a young age because they have better understanding of their children’s behaviors and it could supplement the current weak sex education.
  11. Not every high school student should join universities because college degrees are too expensive, some students achieve successful in other fields, university studies do not always lead to employment, and some students even drop out.
  12. Magazines should be blamed for increased depression rates among teenage girls because they collectively promote unrealistic women’s body image.
  13. Governments should stop heavy taxation of cigarettes because the tax is essentially a burden to the poor and it never reduces their purchasing intent.
  14. A vegan diet is not the best option for those who love traveling because it inhibits individuals from experiencing foods from other cultures.
  15. Colleges should pay student athletes because if forces the learners to hold other jobs in addition to their busy academic and athletic lives, which can become overbearing.
  16. Even though Sheryl Sandberg effectively presents great ideas in her book “Lean In,” she only focusses on privileged working women rather than speak for all women including those holding low-earning jobs.
  17. Physician-assisted suicide should be legalized because it gives patients the right to choose their end-of-life care, which promotes the principle of autonomy in medicine.
  18. Taylor Swift should stop focusing more on feminism but put more effort on political activism because she can use her popularity to talk about issues that could improve the society at large.
  19. Countries should begin re-training their populations in jobs coal and other susceptible industries because technology sector is rapidly changing and there is a widespread shift to renewable energy sources.
  20. Diversity in the workplace sets the foundation for rich ideas, better cooperation, and higher productivity in organizations that embrace it.
  21. In today’s digital world, universities and colleges should begin to train students to be capable of examining and determining the accuracy of materials they read because it helps prevent proliferation of harmful propaganda and false information.