Essay Introduction Examples | 6 Ideas to Start

Writing a perfect essay introduction is the first step to scoring a higher grade. We give examples of essay introduction you can use to make your writing better. Without enough practice, most students find it difficult to craft better introductions. Even senior year students still fail to demonstrate this critical skill in writing. 

It doesn’t matter what type of essay you’re writing. An introduction is necessary to set the tone for the paper. High school, college, or university essays all require introductions to capture the reader’s curiosity and make them continue reading. When tutors and engaged in reading an essay, they are likely to give a higher score. 

We provide 6 essay introduction examples under each category below. Here are some of our favorite strong essay introduction examples to make you a better writer. 

Essay Introduction Examples

  1. Early signposting.
  2. Introduce the essay with a surprising fact.
  3. Use a rhetorical question.
  4. Start with an anecdote.
  5. Stage-setting.
  6. Use a statistic

1. Early Signposting

One of lecturers’ favorite ways of introducing essays is early signposting. By indicating your position early in the paper, the reader can prepare for the reasons why you’ve taken the position. 


Most Christian preachers are adamant that no woman should ever terminate her pregnancy, but that should not be the case. There are various instances when abortion is not only preferable but also a lifesaver. Consider the case of Dafna Michaelson Jenet who survived serious complications because she was referred to an abortion clinic in time.

This is a simple way to start your writing without going through all these processes. 

2. Introduce the Essay with a Surprising Fact

We’re not talking about all types of facts in this case. Some facts such as “pets are good for humans” are too general and worthless to readers. If it doesn’t leave the reader curious, it is probably a bad hook. Select only surprising facts.

Follow the fact with a thesis statement to make it legitimate for the paper.


With Pratt’s recent quantitative research showing that, on average, cat owners live up to 26% longer than those without canine pets, it is unquestionable that cats can have many positive physical and mental health impacts on canine owners. The benefits include improving physical exercise, better social connection through engagement with other pet owners, and increasing companionship. 

Ensure that it is not just some random fact. It needs to be directly connected to your essay topic. 

3. Use a Rhetorical Question

Another way to introduce your essay is to use a rhetorical question. This method is particularly useful when introducing a persuasive essay. It can also work for newspaper editorials. Here is an example to show how the approach can be successful. 


Global warming is a modern-day crisis affecting all people, African or European, young and old, men and women. We can see the signs ranging from rising sea levels to severe droughts but how will these extreme changes affect our lives in the coming two decades.

The approach is captivating in the sense that it allows the reader to want to know the analytical ideas the student presents.

4. Start with an Anecdote

An anecdote is a short, interesting story about a particular issue or incident. Anecdotes are effective for starting personal essays and admission essays too. These are particularly important when they fit into the overall theme of the essay. 

Here is one example from our writer:

My heart used to pound at the thought of a class discussion. My face would burn bright red, and I would quickly lose my train of thought. I had ideas trapped in my head with no way to release them into the world. No way to bring them to life. In eighth grade, my school required every student to write and present a speech during homeroom. I spent weeks thinking about my topic before drawing inspiration from the movie “Any Given Sunday.” I was hoping to inspire my peers – to take advantage of every second in every moment because we need every inch in life the margin for error is simply too small. When it was my turn to speak, my cheeks glowed hotly and my mouth turned to sandpaper, rough and dry.

This anecdote might have been too long but the length of the first paragraph in your essay will depend on the paper type as well as how many pages you will write. 

5. Stage-Setting

Another exciting way to go about this is by setting the stage. Give your reader some background information and why it is important. Stage-setting is often good for report writing or expository essays.

Consider the example below:


With the company’s sales up 40% and having obtained over 2,500 positive reviews on the website, it is sensible to say that customers love the product. We will use the data and such information to make growth projections for the coming months and identify opportunities for product improvement.

6. Use a Statistic

Using statistics to introduce a paper is quite common. Statistics make a lot of sense for research paper introduction although they are useful for essays too. If the data is insightful, the reader will remain hooked.


While for 60% of the U.S. population, milk is a great drink to go with a cookie in the evening, this is not the case for all people. Recent research by Pratt and colleagues in New Orleans and four other states showed that up to 45% of adults prefer some different beverage before bed.

We could have multiple intriguing examples like this one.