Course Hero Will Not Notify Your School, But There’s a Trap

In order to understand whether Course Hero will notify your school or not, it is important to have an idea of how it works. After that, you will get a clear picture of the risks and benefits of the platform.

Let’s go through it briefly.

How Does Course Hero Work?

Course Hero has millions of model study resources to help you complete your classwork. You can only access these resources by signing up and paying a monthly subscription fee.

In other words, Course Hero is an online platform that gives students study resources at a fee.

  • You can upload your assignment prompt to get a tutor who will provide step-by-step answers.
  • Or you can download a completed paper that was done by another writer and uploaded to the platform.

You will only obtain instant access to the documents such as course notes and answered questions after paying because Course Hero does not offer a free trial.

But why is it important to know all these? To answer that question, we must know where all the materials on Course Hero come from.

Where Does Course Hero Get its Papers?

  • Random people upload their answers to Course Hero.
  • Course Hero also hires writers to answer questions to be stored in their online library.

So, does Course Hero Notify Your School?

Does Course Hero Notify Your School?

Course Hero does not notify your school because their services are confidential and they have no affiliation to any university. However, if your school uses Turnitin to check the originality of students’ assignments, your tutor could detect if you copied a resource word-for-word from Course Hero.

If you copied content word for word and submitted it to your school, their plagiarism scanners will detect the source as Course Hero.

does Course Hero Plagiarize

Some colleges and universities also have accounts on the website. That implies that your teacher could run the same question on Course Hero database to check the answers they have. If you happen to use the platform to complete your assignment, you might just land in trouble.

Modifying your homework answers from the website is quite important and so does proper citation.

Besides, thousands of students have downloaded those assignments and submitted them to their teachers. Even with paraphrasing and citation, you will be taking the resource and regurgitating the same points that others have presented.

All you need is an assignment written from scratch. Consider trying a specialist service like to get original papers fresh from the writer.

Why Course Hero May Notify Your School

If you used their service, there are instances where your school may detect it. These situations include the following:

  • You copied your assignment directly from Course Hero.
  • The tutor showing you how to go about the assignment was incompetent and copied directly from another book or resource.

Always remember that the resources they provide are only meant to guide you in your studies.

Does Course Hero Snitch? No, Course Hero does not snitch because their model of business does not associate with any learning institution. They also provide guidelines on their resource use policies that explain how students should use their service.

You risk facing a penalty from your professor if you copy every content word for word.

Tutoring companies are bound by the law to ensure that their services are not detrimental to academic integrity.  

Caution: Do not copy any resources from Course Hero because they are most certainly plagiarized and you cannot use them as yours.

What are Some Better Course Hero Alternatives?

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Fortunately, there is a solution for those who do not like to risk with platforms such as Course Hero and Chegg.

The emphasis here is Plagiarism because academic dishonesty is punishable and no students would want to waste their years in college just like that.

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Why is Academeter a Better Alternative to Course Hero?

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