How Much Should You Pay for a 1000-Word Essay?

You should pay at least $60 for a 1000-word essay regardless of your location. This lower end pricing means that you cannot control the quality of the paper you receive. The maximum amount you can pay for the 1000-word paper is $160. But what if the upper end prices are too expensive? There are many […]

How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review (9 Easy Steps)

Writing your dissertation literature review for the first time can be a challenging task. You’ll hear inexperienced writers say that “It’s an easy task; you simply dust off your books, sit down in your chair with a cup of coffee, and begin skimming through the pages, jotting down concise summaries of your readings. After a […]

What are the 9 Different Types of Essays?

Are you planning to start writing your essay but you’re not sure about it? Let’s go through some of the main types of essays. The nine essay types discussed here are are argumentative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, reflective essays, narrative essays, college admission essays, informative essays, scholarship essays, interview essays and career research essays. […]

How to Write a Graduate School Admission Essay

Thinking about beginning your post-grad studies? Well done! Success is coming your way because you’re about to learn some of the best tricks to write a great graduate school admission essay. The critical steps in writing a graduate school admission essay include identification of the audience, explaining potential gaps in your studies, and editing the essay, establishing […]

How to Write a College Admission Essay: Sample Essay

The college admission essay is one of the most important essays a student will ever write. Don’t suck! Also, being a critical piece of writing for learners joining college, one needs to be more careful and intentional with how they approach the essay. The goal is usually to earn a spot in your preferred institution. […]

Should Essays be in Present Tense?

Grammatical tenses are important in all types of writing, but we’ll concentrate on their application in academic writing. I will explain whether you should use present tense in essays or not. Should Essays be in Present Tense? No, essays should not always be in present tense. Although more than a third of college and school […]

3 Ways to Copy and Paste from Essay Typer

There are 3 ways to copy and paste from Essay Typer. Learning how to copy & paste is critical for all students involved in academic work and extensive research. Copy and paste is a feature that enables you to bring external content into your essay typing tool with much ease. If you have some content […]

How Long It Takes to Write a 1000 Word Essay

A 1000-word essay is a specific type of writing in which the author stick to a 1000 word limit about any topic. The length of this type of paper is usually 4 pages. So, before you begin writing this essay, organize your ideas according to the topic guidelines and know exactly what you will be writing about. Furthermore, a 1000-word […]

Thesis Statement Examples: How to Write Good Ones

What is a thesis statement? A thesis statement is a single sentence in a research paper that summarizes the argument of the author. Essays and research papers usually have their thesis statements at the end of the introduction paragraph. The thesis communicates a concise claim of the writing and is supported by subsequent points. In […]

how to write a 5 page essay fast

Simple Steps to Write a 5 Page Essay Fast

The process of writing a 5-page page essay fast should be a replicable but not necessarily an easy process. I will detail a practical approach here to help you write a five-page paper real fast. The secret to doing this successfully is to follow the process step-by-step. Examine the meaning and scope of the paper […]