9 Words to Start an Essay Introduction

Common mistakes professors see when they read their students’ essay introduction turn good papers to boring junk. Avoid the following in your essay introduction: Definitions (unless required) Conjunctions such as because, by virtue of, but, therefore, etc. Numerical numbers (totally illegal) We compiled a list of interesting words to start an essay introduction. These phrases […]

How to Write a Personal Essay Introduction | with Examples

Writing a perfect introduction for a personal essay is hard. Even though the first paragraph is just a single element of your essay, it serves a very critical purpose in determining what score the essay will get. All you need to do in the first few sentences of your personal essay is to draw the […]

Essay Introduction Examples | 6 Ideas to Start

Writing a perfect essay introduction is the first step to scoring a higher grade. We give examples of essay introduction you can use to make your writing better. Without enough practice, most students find it difficult to craft better introductions. Even senior year students still fail to demonstrate this critical skill in writing.  It doesn’t […]

How to Write an Essay Introduction

An essay introduction needs to have three main parts. The components arranged in order include an opening statement (hook) to catch the reader’s attention. The second part of an introduction is relevant background information to help the reader identify what’s important in the writing. The last part of the introduction is the thesis statement where you present the reader with the main […]

Pay Someone To Write My Paper

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Who Can Format My Essay in APA Style?

Professional proofreaders can format your paper in APA referencing style. APA format is commonly used by students, researchers, and professionals the social and behavioral science fields. These comprise of a large list of areas such as business, education, and psychology. It is important to check the APA citation guidelines for individual institution or journal because […]

Blockchain Research Topics for PhD, Masters, and Undergrad

Whether you’re a PhD student or an undergrad, the blockchain research topics listed here will offer great insights into the blockchain technologies field. For those who have followed the events happening in the banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the past one decade, the term blockchain could be familiar. What is Blockchain? A blockchain is a […]

Top College Homework Help to Trust

As a college student, you will need homework help every once in a while. Fortunately, we offer college homework help to thousands of learners across the world. Our specialists write assignments in different subjects including nursing, psychology, criminology, and much more. Do you need assistance like those other students? Never again will you have to […]

Where to Find the Best Research Proposal Writer

Good news! Hiring a writer for your research proposal has never been this easy. When you hire good writers, they will complete these proposals regardless of how tight your deadlines could be. Do you have one of these types of academic papers you need help for? Even if you’re pursuing a degree in the most […]

Where to Hire Best Literature Review Writer

It takes a lot of effort to hire a good literature review writer. So, where can you find these experts? The purpose of this article is to demonstrate why our agency is the industry’s leader in writing literature reviews. We understand that students go through a lot of trouble writing a good literature review paper. What […]