How to Write a Hook for an Argumentative Essay

Working on an argumentative essay? In completing an essay that will in the end justify your stand and opinion on a matter, capturing the reader’s attention with a hook makes sense. You will find this article to be of great help if your teacher asked you to revise an introduction to your argumentative essay because […]

Can You Start a Paper with a Quote?

One of the mistakes that many students make is overuse of quotations in the introductory paragraph. It is generally recommended that students should avoid starting or ending their introductory paragraphs with a quotation. With numerous alternatives one has for writing the introduction, would it be a great idea to begin an essay with a quote […]

Essay Due tomorrow? Here’s What to Do?

There are few things to do when your essay is due tomorrow and there is less than 24 hours to complete it. Experts with years of experience in essay writing will tell you that it is easy to beat tight deadlines. Every once in a while, classwork will overwhelm you. Even the most organized students […]

Native American History Homework Help

Do you have some Native American history homework to complete in the next few days? offers reliable assignment help on American history as well as Native Americans. Upload full assignment details to enjoy our Native American history homework help.  When ordering Native American history assignment help, there are several things to expect from us.  […]

Global Issues Research Paper Topics to Write About

Academeter is the best place to find essay and research paper topics on world issues. In this article, we list some of the most popular global issues topics that you can write about. To find solution to some of the most pressing global issues, research papers are needed to offer recommendations. Research can help to […]

How Much is Course Hero? Price Per Month and Annually

Ever wonder whether you can use Course Hero for free? Unfortunately, Course Hero is not really free. Creating an account does not attract any charge either. However, you will not be able to view anything until you make payment. If you post 40 documents, Course Hero gives you a 1 month free trial. Let us […]

How Long is an Essay Introduction?

If a reader can’t go past the introduction of your essay, it’s not a good sign. Many professors judge the quality of students’ writing by the first few lines of their papers. Therefore, it is necessary that you make that first paragraph count. When it’s too long, it could dilute the essence of writing the […]

9 Words to Start an Essay Introduction

Common mistakes professors see when they read their students’ essay introduction turn good papers to boring junk. Avoid the following in your essay introduction: Definitions (unless required) Conjunctions such as because, by virtue of, but, therefore, etc. Numerical numbers (totally illegal) We compiled a list of interesting words to start an essay introduction. These phrases […]

How to Write a Personal Essay Introduction | with Examples

Writing a perfect introduction for a personal essay is hard. Even though the first paragraph is just a single element of your essay, it serves a very critical purpose in determining what score the essay will get. All you need to do in the first few sentences of your personal essay is to draw the […]

Essay Introduction Examples | 6 Ideas to Start

Writing a perfect essay introduction is the first step to scoring a higher grade. We give examples of essay introduction you can use to make your writing better. Without enough practice, most students find it difficult to craft better introductions. Even senior year students still fail to demonstrate this critical skill in writing.  It doesn’t […]