12 Essay Topics on Homelessness (Best Titles)

Homelessness essay topics can be interesting to write about depending on why you want to study it.

Since homelessness is a social issue that is intertwined with numerous other sectors of the economy in a country, researchers often investigate this social problem to find solutions.

In this article, we identify some 12 strong homelessness essay topics that can inspire your next paper.

What is Homelessness?

Homelessness is the scarcity of or complete lack of stable and appropriate shelter for the people, usually in the lower socioeconomic class.

The meaning of homelessness in terms of legal concepts differs from country to country, or even between different jurisdictions within the same country, depending on the circumstances. Individuals who spend their nights in a public or private facility that was not intended to be used as a regular sleeping by humans are included in the United States government’s category of homelessness.

People are classified as homeless under many conditions. For instance, if they are doing any of the following: living outside, usually along streets and unusual spots (primary homelessness); constantly moving between one temporary shelter to another, such as friend’s homes and family, or live in emergency accommodation places (secondary homelessness).

Lastly, people are homeless if they live in private boarding houses that do not have a sense of security and lack private bathrooms (tertiary homelessness).

Individuals considered homeless are commonly unable to obtain and keep regular, safe, secure, and adequate accommodation as a result of having income that is irregular or non-existent. Studies show that homelessness and poverty are intertwined and interdependent.

There is no systematic agreement on how to count the homeless and determine their needs; as a result, in many regions, the exact number of homeless people is not known and the existing numbers are only estimates.

Homelessness Essay

What is a homelessness essay? A homelessness essay is a piece of academic writing that explores the social problem associated with scarcity of accommodation or shelter for people. The essay discusses different aspects of homelessness ranging from its causes to solutions and how it impacts the wellbeing of people.

Homelessness Essay Thesis Example

Homelessness is difficult to eradicate because it is caused by a myriad of issues including housing affordability, limited public assistance, health issues, family breakdown, and racism.

Homelessness Essay Topics

1. Analysis of the Critical Incidents that Lead to Homelessness.

There are many causes of homelessness to explore in your essay.

In the history of the U.S., today, there is a scarcity of affordable housing for low-income families. People face eviction, unforeseen loss of income, and homelessness if they do not have access to affordable housing.

Low-income households frequently do not make enough money to cover their basic needs, such as food, clothing, transportation, and a place to call home.

The relationship between health and homelessness is closely interwoven. As a result of their homelessness, many people suffer from health problems that are compounded by the situation. When it comes to addressing the health needs of those who are experiencing homelessness, proper shelter is essential.

2. Attitudes of the American Population toward Homeless People.

This would also make a good research or essay topic to explore.

Poor and homeless people are frequently the victims of negative perceptions and severe stigmatization, which can lead to more restricted and punitive measures to resolving homelessness. Many studies in this area have attempted to understand and modify attitudes toward the homeless in order to enable for consideration of a larger range of approaches to the problem of homelessness in the future. The lack of reliable and valid measurement causes methodological difficulties when it comes to analyzing and comparing people’s views across studies and communities, regardless of how much attention has been paid to this issue.

Although it has been established that attitudes about homeless people are highly complicated, this complexity has likely hampered the development of accurate and effective assessment techniques.

In order to accurately portray people’s complicated attitudes regarding homeless folks, it is necessary to determine those components of psychological theory that are most applicable. As a result, writing an essay on this topic would be very exciting.

3. The role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Reducing Homelessness.

In recent years, many studies have analyzed the connection between research and policy-making at the national and regional levels. However, less attention has been paid to the relationship between studies and the organizations that carry out the majority of actual practice – nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that provide services to homeless individuals and families.

In this essay, it would be appropriate for you to examine the link between these organizations and research conducted into the causes, impacts, and answers to homelessness.

4. A Study of the Impacts of Homelessness of Student Academic Achievement in High School.

In order to be an effective educator, you must be able to support and comprehend the diverse at-risk pupils in your classroom, particularly those who are experiencing homelessness. Teachers are frequently regarded as key referents in their respective communities. The manner in which teachers interact with homeless children and families sends crucial messages to both the children and the family they are working with.

5. The Ethical Issues Surrounding Research on Homelessness.

A few of the most significant ethical problems that come with conducting research with homeless people are too many. Some of them are the establishment and maintenance of healthy researcher responsibilities and limits, managing the risks of researcher exhaustion and safety concerns, ensuring maximum confidentiality, and avoiding exaggerations and voyeurism.

6. Comparing the Academic Achievement of Previously Homeless Young Learners and their Adequately Housed Peers.

7. The Impacts of Federal Housing Assistance as a Solution to Homelessness.

8. Investigating the Risk Factors for Homelessness in the 21st Century.

9. Does Racism Play a Role in the Prevalence of Homelessness among African Americans?

10. Examining the Mental Health Services Provided to Homeless People.

11. Exploring the association between Homelessness and Drug and Substance Abuse.

12. The Health Characteristics of Homeless Women in the United States.

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